With a Twist…

I had a couple of questions over at Project Guitar about the amount of twist of the neck and how the body/bridge relates. I did take a couple of pictures before but didn’t post them, but here they are:

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It is a little hard to tell, but you’ll note that the ruler sits about 15 mm above the top in both pictures. To achieve this, the whole body slopes away, downwards, and the neck/fretboard joins the body at about a 7 degree angle. The nut sits at about 20 degree angle in comparison with the body. I have studied what others have done and I guess Lace arrived at the 10.8 degree angle through some kind of trial and error, but I decided to be a little more agressive. The wrist does get a very comfortable position when “fretting” a barrĂ© cord. If I decreased the twist, it wouldn’t give quite the same effect. My main concern is the fretting out when bending downwards. Only a test will tell, I guess.

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