First Impressions

It’s done! The first bridge is completed! I will have more input by the weekend, but until then: here are a few pictures.

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I put it on an old guitar of mine in place of a Floyd Rose trem. The weight reduction was massive! It seems to sound very well. I will prepare some sound samples eventually.

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Weight before: about 600 grams for bridge and tuners.

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Weight after: about 140 grams…


  1. Beautiful, Ola!

    Very elegant and contemporary. Your choice of matte finish complements the design aesthetically.


    Looking forward to video/soundclips…


  2. I want one. Where can I get it? martphyl@gmail

  3. Hey, this bridge looks great – had a few questions… do you sell it? I wouldn’t mind plopping one on a guitar in the near future. I also wanted to know about the route patter needed… is it simple like some headless bridges and able to just hang off the back/sit on the top? Or does it fit more like a strat / floyd rose bridge with springs and a claw?

  4. I`d really love to have one or two of these, are they still available ?

    • Hi Thomas, no, there have been a few generations of development after this tremolo. Check out the galleries for pictures of the one in production.


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