New Builds

In addition to previously advertised builds, here are a few more:

#13 – Danny Thrasher: EGS Pro 8-string baritone hybrid of custom design, zebrawood/carbon fiber neck through body construction, trapezoidal neck profile, swamp ash wings with highly figured walnut top, f-hole, ebony fingerboard, stainless frets, piezo transducers in bridge, Q-tuner neck pickup, Lace ToneBar or BareKnuckle bridge

#14 РKohei Murakami: 6-string bolt-on, swamp ash/mahogany body, quilted maple top, birdseye maple neck, rosewood fingerboard,  stainless frets, Lace Alumitone S-S-H pickups

#15 – Misha Mansoor: 7-string bolt-on, 25.75-25″ scale, black limba body, figured walnut top, maple neck, birdseye maple fingerboard, stainless frets, Lundgren M7 pickups

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