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Pick Your Battles

Ergonomic guitar design only solves half (OK, maybe a little bit more) of the problem. What about the picking hand? Little Guitar Works have looked at the picking hand for basses, and have a patented solution that includes it.

I wish I knew who did another piece:

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I was very happy to find one in an old guitar case that I hadn’t opened for a looong time. I had another pick as well, made from some kind of animal horn. The one in the picture is made from some kind of bone. They are amazing if you ask me! I did like the horn one better and it was pretty worn, but I can’t find it.

Not only do they give the picking hand fingers a more natural position, but as you can see the edge of the pick is twisted in relation to the fingers. This allows the edge to hit the strings “straight” when your wrist is in its most natural position. The difference compared to a regular pick is astonishing. I made a whole bunch of twisted plastic picks with some pliers and a hot air gun that do the same thing, but they don’t sound half as good though. These bone/horn picks give a completely different sound to the guitar.

Ah – did some Googleing and found them! Dugain Picks. Can be recommended.