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Box of 6

I have been working on packaging for a bit. It didn’t turn out anyway near the way that I had imagined it from the beginning, but that’s improvisation for you. I have been in touch with STFI-Packforsk and they have graciously offered to let me use their prototype lab to work out a more tailored packaging for future series. It’s almost as fun as building guitars – honest! The picture below is of a prototype made at home with limited means and not in the lab..box<span class= 


  1. Honestly, keep the packaging to a minimum to save your buyers. I get very annoyed when I dish out as much as I do for products only to find that elaborate packaging added 5% onto the retail cost! Keeping all possible costs down on a product like this will help you in the end. It will be hard enough to get the established guitar community to accept this new bridge so keeping it affordable will be a big win for you! Kahler has been around for a long time and they still fight for a spot amongst the Floyd and Fulcrum loyalists…and Kahler is top of the line!

  2. I hear you loud and clear and you make a good point. I will attempt to design a low-cost but cool packaging that will meet both goals.

    Take care,

  3. How large of a string will the bridge handle, i.e. is it suitable for bass guitar?

  4. Hi John,
    it will currently handle strings up to 2 mm in diameter, so not quite bass size.