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The Sharpest Knife

I have finally gotten my hands on some prototype fulcrum knives for the tremolo! They are made from stainless spring steel, which is hardened to a degree. Too hard, and it becomes brittle and breaks. Also important, the stainless steel it looks nice and comes in a 1 mm thickness so does not require so much machining.

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As you can see in the image above, I have not yet finished the base plates since I was eager to test them but I will send some off for finishing later in the week. The stainless steel will work out fine, although it did get some marks after a few hours of abuse. One additional benefit of my design is that the fulcrum will be replaceable. Note also the new logotype!


  1. Looks good. Any hint on price or release date?

  2. Hi Alex,
    I should have it available within a couple of weeks. Please watch this space…


  3. Hi Ola, when you plan to put your bridge in a real guitar body? (and what kind of body…)?

  4. Hello Anestis,
    I will put it on an EGS body (see earlier posts and downloads section) as soon as I can. I will hopefully get some time over christmas to make it happen.