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Please help me decide which bridge sounds the best. The samples below are recorded using a Line6 GuitarPort using Windows Vista Sound Recorder. The tones used are “Mr. Clean” with Gate and Compressor turned off and Drive turned all the way down, and “80’s Metal Rythm”. Again, the bridges have been mounted on “Red Devil” (see Gallery). One of the samples is the original Floyd-Rose, one is the EGS tremolo with a stainless knife and one is with ball bearings. One of the clean samples has a volume increase that I cannot explain – try to just listen to the sound qualities.

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  1. I voted for number two but this is my thought. Number three sounded better with the clean patch. The bass response on number two was a bit much when clean but I thought the distortion on two was the best. Had a real Early Eddie VH sound to it.