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And the Winner Is…

Thanks once more to those who voted in the spring block contest. Two people provided a correct answer and are competing for the complimentary fixed 6-string bridge. I had announced previously that the “coolest” application of the bridge would win in the case of a tie and I am still waiting for a description of the build from one of the potential builders.
The block materials are, in the order they placed in the vote:

  1. Brass (sample 12)
  2. Steel (sample 13)
  3. Aluminium (sample 11)

Obviously, there is something about density and sound. See José Paolo Brito’s response to the previous post for a partial explanation. Taking this into consideration, I will be offering the EGS tremolo with aluminium and brass blocks. Many people preferred the aluminium block sound and the weight difference is remarkable, so there is definitely an application for it.