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Posts made in April, 2009

Castaway Strat Conversion – Part 4

Posted by on Apr 1, 2009 in Articles & Tutorials, Instructions and FAQs, Product Images

After completing the routing of the body, it is time to turn to the neck. I have decided to keep the original neck with a minimum of modifications. Note that it is possible to mount my string locks in many different ways, including removing most of the head. I begin by drilling 1.5 mm holes through the side of the head and through the bottom of the tuner holes. I then enlarge the top portion of the holes to 6 mm. Now, I can insert the string locks through the tuner holes. I insert the fastening screws through the side holes and tighten. These hardened screw heads will form the seat that the strings will rest against when locked. This provides good durability and they may also be exchanged if they ever get worn. This is what it looks like from above. Here, I have mounted all six string locks. Viewed from the side, you can see the locking screws. Next installment will cover assembly of the complete...

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