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Castaway Strat Conversion – Going Headless

So, quite a few people have commented on the castaway Strat not being headless and questioning the use of the EGS string locks. My response is that the EGS string locks were designed to be flexible, both in the way that they are packaged and sold, but also how they are mounted.

Here is another way of converting a guitar to use an EGS bridge:

I have had this broken neck lying around for years, waiting for some application. Again, not spending a lot of time on perfecting woodwork, I just cut the head straight off.

Works perfectly!

One of the main complaints over the way I illustrated the use of EGS string locks was drilling holes in the side of the head. This modification is far from less invasive, but it does save more weight…

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  1. Very cool. That’s how I would go… it’s essentially how the Steinberger Synapse guitars work, you just pull the strings through the headpiece and tighten down the set screws with the alan wrench and tune up. So simple! The closer I see this come to completion the more exited I get about building a custom guitar around an eight sting version of the Strandberg bridge.