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Hardware Collaboration – Tobias Neumann

As covered in a previous post, I have a client that wants to build (among other things) a nylon stringed headless guitar. His name is Tobias Neumann, and I travelled to Ystad in the south of Sweden to meet with him last week. We had a “fika” (pronounced ~fee-kah), which is a unique Swedish word for having something to drink, e.g. coffee, and something to nibble on, e.g. a cinnamon roll, until we were kicked out because the establishment closed. We continued brainstorming in the shopping street, pictured below with Tobias on the left.

Tobias, who is more of a musician than a luthier, started to develop the ultimate guitar for his personal needs. In the process, however, he realized that there should be more musicians out there with similar requirements. What they are, we will hopefully come back to in a later post! Meanwhile, I am looking forward to working with Tobias in developing the hardware for this line of instruments.

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  1. Is it going to be a nylon stringed electric? That sounds interesting… a headless acoustic does as well, but I’ve always wanted a nylon stringed electric guitar.

    BTW, there is something special about a musician who builds his or her own instruments. It is very integral (or how to put it). I’ve always liked Brian May especially for that reason.

    Looking forward to a later post about the guitar!