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EGS Hollow-Body Demo Part 5

Here is an update on the progress of my demo guitar:

The body has been bound and the binding scraped flush. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the look of this guitar – I think it will look beautiful. Latest idea is to stain back ebony black. I will consider this for a little longer before going ahead.

I tried out the string locks for the first time.

Since there is no material in the middle of the neck due to my truss rod experiment, I had to create a small mounting plate for the string locks to sit on. In the above image, I also cut off the fretboard and the total length of the neck.

Prior to that, I had planed, crowned and polished the frets.

I also fixed the chip out. It will require a little more polish, but will get to that later.

The body after binding.

As said in the previous post, I am going on Monday to leave the new batch of tuners/bridges for finishing. They will be either tumbled or blasted and then finished in regular black or shiny black. I have some more turn-out samples that I have not even seen yet, so have to make a decision on the spot.