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Now Shipping

I will start shipping the new batch of bridges tomorrow. I would like to thank those that pre-ordered for your patience!

New and improved!

There are many improvements and changes compared to the previous batch:

  • The base plate has a groove in it to guide the tuner and ensure that it does not rotate by mistake if hit by a strong force.
  • The base plate also has dual mounting holes as compared to one before. This makes it easier to mount flat on a guitar, without recesses as was originally intended.
  • The bridge/tuner has a groove in it to allow lower height from the surface.
  • The saddle has a finer thread than before, allowing even better height adjustment.
  • The finish is a satin-matte finish that was chosen by popular vote earlier.
  • The aluminum alloy has been changed to an even harder and more durable one than before. The tonal properties are outstanding.
  • The bearing has been changed to one that fits a lot tighter. The scew might feel a little tight initially, but this will soon be broken in to feel very distinct.

Please feel free to place orders on the Products page. I aim to ship within 1-2 days from receiving the order.