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Vital Stats

I have put the EGS demo up on YouTube.

Here are some of the vital statistics about the participants:

  • Jonas Isaksson – main instrument is the clarinet, believe it or not. Although he prefers the violin… I, for one, am pretty impressed with his guitar skills.
  • Nisse Blomster – jazz improvization and musical theory student from Uppsala, often appearing with the band Blue Stripe.
  • Daniel Palmqvist – solo artist and guitarist of The Murder of My Sweet.

And some vital stats about the guitar itself:

  • Weight: 1850 grams/4 lbs
  • Swamp ash back, stained “Ebony Black”, treated with Watco Danish Oil. Large tone cavities cut both top and bottom.
  • Curly maple top (5 mm thickness), finished with Watch Danish Oil. Black veneer strip in centre.
  • Three-piece wenge neck with cherry veneer strips.
  • Ebony fretboard.
  • Carbon fiber truss rod.
  • Super wide/high frets
  • 25.5″ scale length on low E, 25″ scale on high E string
  • Strandberg EGS fixed bridges
  • Lace Alumitone humbucker pickups
  • 5-position pickup selector (front HB, front SC + rear SC out of phase, front HB + rear HB series, front SC + rear SC in series, rear HB.