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6, 7, 8…

As I’m finalizing the research of a new supplier for the tremolo knife edge, I am faced with having to make a decision regarding how to deal with 7- and 8-string tremolos. I am getting quite a few requests for this, and it is a fun thing to be able to support. The issue is that the knife edge is by far the most expensive component I have, and I would ideally like to be able to use the same for all.

Please let me know your thoughts – I need input on whether this is acceptable or not. Durability and action is another matter that I will obviously have to deal with. An 8-string version with the same basic setup will likely require 5 springs and may feel very stiff.


  1. People who build 7’s and especially 8’s generally understand there will be a considerable bump up in costs. No one would blame you if you had to bump your prices to accommodate doing it right. Squeezing an 8 string spacing onto a 6 string bridge would be a compromise not worth taking in my point of view.

    Not only that but you’d be assuming that the player would be using a 6 string neck. If they weren’t the string spacing as it goes up the neck would look odd.

  2. Hi Zyon, thanks for your comments. I wouldn’t squeeze the string toghether though – I would just keep the same post spacing and width of the knife – but increase the width of the base plate as in the image in the post.