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Video Killed the Guitar Star

I have been planning to upload some sound samples for some time. I have also been planning to get some more videos, but was dreading it simply because the effort required was nightmarish and still, after hours of messing around and downloading different programs, came out not wide screen but squeezed together. But I got a new computer the other day that had the latest version of the operating system and suddenly everything worked as expected – smoothly. But now I had not made an effort when lighting the recording properly. But next time…

So, I met up with Peter Hansson, who helped me test tremolos before, and we recorded some sound samples. Rather than just putting up mp3s, I used the new software to put them up on YouTube witha single click! Sound has been lined from a Mesa Boogie Rectoverb through a Palmer speaker simulator. No effects boxes except on the distorted sample where we added a Boss Flanger and some echo.

Go to http://www.youtube.com/user/olastrandberg to see all the clips.

Here is one sample, showing the action of the tuners.

Expect more videos soon.