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Prototype Sale

In preparation for the new batch of tremolos that should be available next week, I have looked around in the darker corners of my shop and found some old prototype parts that I have assembled into a DIY tremolo that is now for sale.

Some important notes:

  • It is the old style tuner that does not have recessed saddles. This means that the string rests considerably higher in relation to the point of rotation (i.e. the knife). If you are into physics, you will understand that this means that you need more and tighter springs to counteract the pull of the strings than you would a normal tremolo. Count on at least 4 springs.
  • It has the stainless steel knife edge that is not as durable as the hardened version that is on production tremolos. (I do have spare knives if it wears out, which is a good feature of this design.)
  • It does not come with a tremolo arm, posts, or springs. Buy one of these, a set of these and four of these and one of these to complete the set. The approximate cost of these parts is $35.
  • It does not include any string locks. I suggest you use a Floyd-Rose type string lock like this or find an alternate solution.
  • It does include a tremolo spring block although this is not pictured.
  • Finally, you will have to file the hole in the base plate slightly to mount the tremolo arm.
  • The price is 180 EUR (normal price is 280 EUR).

So with these caveats, I do ask of the buyer to consider all of the above carefully before going ahead. I will obviously offer all kinds of support and help that I can, but this is a hodge-podge of prototype parts.