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New Builds

The new builds are now well under way. Here are all the materials planed, squared and ready.

From left to right:

  1. (top) mahogany veneer 1,5 mm thick to laminate neck with
  2. some wenge veneer that I may or may not use
  3. ebony fretboard blanks (made during last build)
  4. wenge top
  5. maple top (identical to last build)
  6. flatsawn maple to be cut, stacked and laminated into neck blanks
  7. honduras mahogany
  8. swamp ash (from same batch as last build)

When I started measuring, I realized that the neck blank for the neck-through 7-string will let me cut a matching second blank from underneath. This gave me the idea that I will build an 8-string while I’m at it… I at least have the neck materials and I do have some old zebrano laying around that I could use for the body.
Regarding the neck blank, I am in the middle of an experiment that is baking out in the shop. I will say for now that it involves carbon fiber, epoxi and wood. More later!