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Straight Route

I have been doing the final routing jobs on the three bodies.

Here, I am creating the recesses for the individual bridges/tuners. I create the radius by adjusting the depth of the recesses, although it is possible to flat-mount the tuners as well, with or without a recess.

Next, the pickup cavities were routed with a template router bit.

Since the Alumitones have sharp corners, I then used a Dremel to adjust the corners.

I make it a point to create routing templates for everything I do – fancy or crude. Here, are the control cavity cover and recess templates.

The recess has been routed.

I stuck two pieces of plastic on the other template using double-sided tape and shaped them roughly on my Robosander, and then finished them by hand.

Meanwhile, I have been sanding the alder body and finished the routing of it as well. Next is finishing.