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Hung Out to Dry

I am at the point where I am assembling the electronics of the two hollow-bodies. The wenge top guitar will have a 5-position lever switch and the maple top guitar will have a 6-position rotary switch. I came up with the above schematic for the 6-position switch, giving me the following selections:

  • neck
  • neck with treble cut (adjustable through hidden pot)
  • neck + bridge parallel
  • neck + bridge parallel out of phase
  • bridge with treble cut
  • bridge

The journey here has passed through several steps over the past couple of weeks.

Here, the alder solidbody is hanging to dry with the wenge top. I had to order new binding for the maple top, so it was a little delayed.

After binding, it too was oiled.

Here is a detail of the grounding of the bridges:

And a detail shot of the recessed bridge plates:

I have verified correct alignment and action of the three necks on each of the bodies.

And shielded control cavities:

Now I’m waiting for new bridges before final assembly. I still haven’t finished and fretted the new maple/carbon fiber neck, so there is some work remaining there as well.