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Posts made in July, 2010

Take the Fifth

Posted by on Jul 10, 2010 in Articles & Tutorials, Customer Projects

Chris Letchford has purchased #5 (which has been in the works for some time) and taken the opportunity to have it built to his specifications. He insisted on having a wenge top, although I had run out building #3. I was lucky to find some just a few kilometers away thanks to a tip from SwedishLuthier over at Project Guitar Forum. It has been in store for over 20 years, making it about as old as my previous batch. When this is bookmatched, it should give a result very similar to #3. I bought enough for at least 4 instruments. I also got some incredibly light Sapele Mahogany: I have never used this before, but am very excited. It is very resonant and this particular piece felt like Swamp Ash in weight but with a very even color close to maple. I also cut up the neck blank for #5 and #6 today. This has been the subject of a previous post. The original intention was to make #6 an 8-string, but I might make both of these 7-strings in order to leverage working on several instruments at a time. #5 (Chris Letchford) specs: 7 strings headless EGS design Mahogany back with maple neck-through-body center Wenge top Semi-hollow construction Belly carve...

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FUZZ Article

Posted by on Jul 6, 2010 in Articles & Tutorials

As mentioned earlier, I was interviewed for FUZZ Magazine earlier in the summer. The new issue containing the article and reviews of three of my guitars, a two page spread, is now out! If you happen to understand Swedish, run and buy it or download it...

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