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Customer Report – Gareth Parry

Here’s a short report from Gareth’s first build using EGS hardware – a Klein-ish guitar that sounds a looks very nice!

Gareth says:

“Report on the bridge:
The guitar is incredibly stable. NO tuning issues at all. I say this after heavily gigging it over the last 4 months (60+shows in all styles). I’ve strung it with 10’s, 11’s flatwound 12’s and now roundwound 12’s (plain third) with no issue. On my guitar i had to attach the bridge upside down, so the Strandberg logo is on the top E rather than the low E, reason being the mounting saddles wouldn’t fit the correct way round (do your research before you build!!!!!!!!) I was worried it would not work as well, but it has been magnificent.”

Here’s a clip of one of Gareth’s bands, Aria Astrobeat Arkestra:

The second build, an original ergonomic shape, is on its way. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing it!