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Finishing Touches

Check out this new chrome finish for the EGS tuners! I will be able to offer this at the same cost as other custom colors (which are obtained through anodization). Two notable differences:

  1. The surface is electrically conductive, which means that there is no need for springs and other special grounding arrangements.
  2. Machining marks are still visible (i.e. from turning the round parts and milling the flat parts). The regular finish is glass blasted to remove the machining marks prior to anodization, to leave a satin-smooth finish. It is possible to polish the parts prior to anodization (at an additional cost), but I do not have the resources to polish them routinely. I have tried tumbling, which removes the marks, but leaves the parts looking “worn” for lack of a better word.

If demand is sufficient, I can offer this as a standard finish.


  1. Hello Ola,
    I am an inventor and engineer, like you and at the moment I’m building a guitar that will weigh 1.5kg, with full ‘superstrat’ capabilities. This will be the first time I have ever built a guitar. My dream is to take my music and recording studio outdoors so that I can create and record ideas while being inspired by nature. Your 6 string floating tremolo will really help me achieve this.

    I need it to be interchangeable with a Floyd Rose. Therefore I need to know two things:

    1) What are the exact positions of the body fixing screws in relation to the string saddles when they are set to give the shortest string length?

    2) Is the spring block in the same relative position to the string saddles as the Floyd Rose?

    I also need it to be in a colour other than black – probably dark blue. Can you anodise a tremolo in dark blue if I pay for it (or if you are already anodising other components at the same time)? Alternatively, if you provide the tremolo without anodising and I get it anodised myself, do you forsee any problems with tolerances on the system resulting with the anodising process?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Michael,
      good to hear about your interesting project! Unfortunately, the tremolo we currently make is no longer a drop-in replacement for a Floyd Rose. The technology to manufacture robust knife edges at the volumes we have was not within reach, so we have instead migrated to a technology with needle bearings that have many benefits over a knife edge. We are currently not able to supply any other colors than black, although this can change in the future. Lastly, at the time of writing, the tremolos are not even in stock – but we expect more during the summer of 2015.