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Just in Case

Fred Brum, owner of #6, was kind enough to let me borrow his guitar long enough to exhibit it at NAMM. He had ordered a flightcase for it, and due to it being delayed, #6 also took a trip across the world in the other direction, to Tokyo. But last Thursday the long awaited case finally arrived and made its way to Lisbon, Portugal with its valuable contents.

I’m afraid there is nothing at all innovative about the flightcase – it is simply a well built one, that will keep your contents safe while touring or travelling with your guitar outside your personal control. The weight is approximately 7 kg.

I have travelled extensively with these guitars and can report that they fit nicely in the overhead bin of most aircraft. I have even travelled with two guitars in the same 3/4 size gigbag – all in the overhead. The bolt-on versions become small enough to fit in a backpack if you remove the neck. Since the strings are locked in place, there is not even a need to remove them.