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Last Resort

The waiting list is undergoing a cleanup and consolidation in preparation for publishing at the strandbergguitars.com web site. Each person on the wait list has been asked to respond to a questionnaire that includes asking for permission to do so, and other questions more related to planning. The initial message was sent out on March 26, and since then, three reminders have been sent out. One was duplicated from the thestrandbergs.com e-mail account, just in case strandbergguitars.com happened to end up in junk mail. In addition, messages have been posted on Facebook and sevenstring.org forums. Those of you that I could find on Facebook have been reminded through a Facebook message. Only three people have responded that they wish to drop off so far, which is good news in terms of the interest.

Nevertheless, eleven responses are still missing. Regrettably, if you are one of these eleven and you do not respond by tomorrow, your spot is lost.

For the rest of you – the wait list will be published in a few days along with some other updates.