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Turning Heads

I thought that one could have interchangeable “headstocks” on the neck – mostly for looks, so I drew some alternatives:


I have solid alternatives but also ones made from a 6 mm rectangular bar. The headstocks would be prepared for special string fasteners that would allow running the string through and locking them with an insex screw. These would be bolted onto/into the headstock. But when I looked at the complete guitar, it was completely non-proportional. It turns out that the body is so small that it will not accommodate a full-size headstock. I created a Strat comparison for reference:

Strat Comparison

(Strat body shape borrowed from Warmoth)

So, I guess I will need to use a smaller one like the bottom right ones for it to make sense. Although, having seen the Orchid bass, I might re-design the whole thing…