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Lock, Stock and Barrel

As of today, the 14th of April 2009, I am sold out of fixed bridges. I am taking orders, but will need approximately 6 weeks to ship. As a consolation, I will offer free shipping (up to 20 EUR value) for any orders placed during this period.

I am selling off my prototype stock of tremolos, two black and two silver. One of the black tremolos has customized saddles to give it a lower action. They all have a hardened steel knife edge, which has proven durability and sound qualities but is not corrosion proof (i.e. it may rust). Part of the design, however, is that the knifes may be replaced and may be so by a later solution. I will extend the offer of free shipping to cover the tremolos as well.

To keep costs (and prices) down, I will from now on offer black as the standard color, which means that silver will be offered as a custom color going forward.

Please contact me with any questions, and preferrably always before placing an order.