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Finished Goods

I have received my finished pieces finally! Supposedly, although they are made from aluminum (hardened), the finishing technique renders them more durable than steel. In addition, the surface is impregnated with teflon, making them even more resistant to scratches, etc. and feeling “plastic like”. The result feels and looks very high tech!

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Unfortunately, I have run out of the glide bearings I use, so I can’t assemble a complete bridge. As soon as I get a new shipment, I will assemble one and create some sound samples of “before” and “after” on a Floyd Rose replacement. 


  1. Ola,

    Your bridge is really progressing. I’m enjoying watching you think your way through all of the design concepts. Very nice work.

    Looking forward to testing phase.


  2. Thanks Rick – ditto!
    Loving your thoughts on the lever system for the headless monster as well.

    Take care,