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Castaway Strat Conversion – Part 3

I decided to route a slanted “groove” in the body to allow for the fingers to reach underneath the tuner knobs.

I made it approximately 30 mm wide and 10 mm deep.

A tremolo fitted for reference. Next installment will cover modifying the neck to fit the string locks.


  1. Hi, my name’s Marco, I’m Italian, first of all… great job!!! only a question, the slanted hole you routed behind the bridge is strictly necessary or you can tune without any problems only with a standard cavity?

  2. Hi Marco,
    if you were to tilt the neck and raise the tremolo a bit off the surface of the guitar, it is possible to tune it by pressing the tremolo arm while turning the tuner knob. This is what I did when I did the first experiments on my blue guitar. It’s a bit tricky, but certainly less invasive…


  3. Thanks a lot for the reply, It’s a couple of years that I’m trying to design an headless guitar without the typical cutaway of the “steins-like” guitar (I don’t like very much that shape), and your tremolo bridge seems to be a very HQ alternative to the FR speedloader.