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Carbon Graphite

I have a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline. Both of them were a little delayed by my going to California for a few weeks over Christmas and New Years (the results of which can be seen in the previous posts), but I am eager to get going.

Graph Tech Ghost Piezo Saddles

Just before leaving for my holiday, I received samples of various Graph Tech Ghost saddles for integration into my tuners. This is the most common customer request, along with a 7-string tremolo and finishing the bass bridge, so getting this done will be fantastic. I’ve got to say that the support from Graph Tech has been absolutely amazing. Even as the tiny supplier I am, I got full attention immediately, and OEM Account Manager Tarina Dunwoodie has been great support. So stay tuned on developments on this.

Moses Graphite Neck

Upon arriving in California, I had a custom made Moses Graphite neck waiting for me. It has the same dimensions as the neck for my EGS guitar, and has been left un-slotted. I will slot this myself with the same mixed scale that I have already, to allow a simple swap back and forth to compare sound qualities on the guitars. I hope to be able to offer this as an option on my guitars in the future, assuming that it sounds good. Once again, awesome customer service. Steve Mosher at Moses Graphite has also been great to deal with, and the quality and appearance of the neck is fantastic. I can’t wait to get this project underway.

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  1. I totally agree with you about Moses – Steve’s a great guy and the quality of his work is excellent.


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