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Flying Colors

I have made a few sets of bridges in alternate colors – for marketing purposes but also for the future EGS demo builds.

Incidentally, I am unexpectedly sold out of bridges as of today 20 January. I would expect the next batch to be ready in about 6 weeks. This is a great opportunity to order custom colors since I can fit them into production at a much lower cost. Contact me if you are interested in placing a pre-order.


  1. That 7 string version looks superb! I’m glad to see that I may be able to swap out the Floyd on my 7 soon with one of your wonderful bridges.

    Are you going to be providing your string nut as well soon? That would be wonderful.

  2. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for your comment. The modular string locks I have available (also pictured above) are intended to be used in conjunction with a zero fret or regular nut. Their design allow you to use mixed scales and any number of strings for maximum flexibility.

    I hope to have the 7-string tremolo available soon.


  3. Very cool! I’ve been following your work for a while now and just keep getting more and more excited about it. I’m looking to get more involved in my luthier work and, ever since discovering your bridges, have been integrating them into all my designs. Its great to see that you’re adding more and more options as time goes by. Thanks for all your work!

  4. Hi! The red looks great. What about left handed versions? I’d asked this question at the development stage too…are those on the anvil anytime soon? Thanks!