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Guitar Bassics

For extended range instruments, the 2.5 mm inner diameter of the standard EGS tuners is not sufficient. So, I have adapted some parts destined for the bass tuners for use in the guitar tuner housings.

The look of the tuners is identical:

It is only the inner sliding portion that is different, as well as the bearing. The thread is the same (0.5 mm) for a ratio of over 30:1 compared to a standard guitar tuner and over 40:1 compared to modern bass tuners:

The hole in the slider is now 4.5 mm (.177″) and there is room to enlarge further if required.

As with all custom work – if there is sufficient demand, it will be offered as standard (= considerably lower price) so don’t hesitate to contact me to do a production run along with others.

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  1. Great idea Ola! I personally use a .65 or .70 gauge string for the low A on my 7 string guitar. I had numerous problems trying to accomplish this task before finally reaming the hole larger. This solves so many problems for ERG players.