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Trapezoidal Neck Profile Licensing

It is with great pride and joy that we can today announce jointly that Strandberg Guitarworks is the first licensed user of Rick Toone’s patented Trapezoidal Neck Profile™ (TNP™) and Intersecting Plane Neck Profile™ (IPNP™) technologies.

The TNP™ has been used on a few builds already (#3, #6) and has been extremely well received by the musician community. In addition to its excellent ergonomics, I have found that the design makes for a more stable neck that also sounds exceedingly good. In build #8, commissioned by Tosin Abasi, Rick Toone has been engaged to work directly with Tosin to adapt the design to his exact specification.


  1. Ola — Congratulations, and I wish us both much success!

  2. That’s fantastic news! I was wondering when this was going to happen. Congratulations for the being the first licensed to use this amazing design.

    Congratulations to Rick for seeing the further use and development of his neck design. Are there going to be pictures of Tosin’s variation of the TNP when completed? I’d be very interested to see what differences a player of that caliber would want.