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#34 – Demo

#34 – Demo

When work started on #17 for Tosin Abasi, it was intended to be stained a pink-ish red tone modelled from a shell, but first the stain came out too dark and in addition, some red stain leaked through the binding and down on the side. The back was stained black, but the color combination with the rosewood neck simply did not work. Due to time constraints, the decision was made to put it on the scrap heap and build a new body. Eventually a new neck was built out of maple and ebony. The guitar remains on the scrap heap for cosmetic reasons – but it simply sounds too good, piano like and huge, so it is kept around as a demo.


  1. No… Please dont keep it as a Demo Piece. Please give Her to Me.
    ill Take good care of her. I Promise.

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