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#42 – Andreas Hauschild

#42 – Andreas Hauschild

Here is what Andreas says about his newly received #42:

It plays stupidly well and sounds AMAZING – huge and roaring, yet tight, when played through my main rhythm patch and very clear, almost crystal-like (but still with enough mass to not sound thin), when played through my main clean patch. In general it has incredible clarity and balance across the entire range, sustains for days, resonates more than any other guitar I’ve ever played, and overtones pop out and ring forever all the way beyond the second fret! All this from a guitar that is light as a feather and so petite in its appearance!
The EndurNeck™ is a work of art – seriously! I can especially feel the way it benefits my legato playing; it somehow allows my fingers to move more freely and gives me more control over every movement. The wide angled flat surface on the bass side of the neck up towards the higher frets makes chordal playing up there very comfortable, and the wide angled flat surface on the treble side towards the lower frets helps with my left hand’s reach – right where it is most challenging. And all along the length of the neck, the flat surface on the middle of the neck always allows for a more moderate thumb position.
Also, I must say that the guitar intonates incredibly well – for instance, when I tune up the 7th string and play the 24th fret, it is exactly in tune, not off by the slightest.

And of course, all the woods are simply to die for! I was very positively surprised by the quality of the birdseye, as it was a hard to get a proper impression of from the photos.

Andreas had to wait patiently after his original order #33 was damaged in the CNC after a coolant tube had broken, which resulted in a leakage that wreaked havoc with the electronics. But it sounds like it was worth the wait!

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