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Masvidalien Prototype

Masvidalien Prototype


  1. hello!! I’m guitarist from Lazuli band and we play in Europe (Germany, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland
    .http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWrGO6YXuF-zVSIpRaDQE5A http://www.lazuli-music.com/
    We also participated two times in Mexico baja prog and Rosfest USA. We also have a tour to Canada in summer 2014 with big festivals like the Jazz Festival, Summer Festival quebec woodstock in Beauce and many others. we are big scenes …
    First of all, I think your great work. I am especially interested to Masvidal model. But it is possible to replace the microphones DiMarzio X2N bridge and the 401 in Fernandes Sustainer kit? This is the kit I have on pickups 2, 3 parker that I have … Is it also possible to key in black rosewood. there is also the location of the sustainer swicths to a specific place. I know that maybe many Particularities is.
    Thank you in advance and waiting for your reply .. Ged from lazuli

    • Hey Ged – I have responded to you through other channels. But in the interest of others with similar question, I will respond here that the pickup cavities are standard humbucker size, but that we can’t offer any customizations on the guitar itself since it is a signature production model. You may order a made-to-measure guitar to specification.

  2. Hello,

    First, I’d like to say I absolutely love Strandberg, and can only hope you continue to innovate the guitar for many years to come. I have a question concerning this model: I read somewhere on Facebook that the pick-guard is removable and will not change the finish at all (i.e. leave holes for screws). I have also noticed that the pick-guard has no screw holes to speak of (that I could find). Is it only fastened on by the volume and tone controls, or is there an adhesive that holds it in place? Just curious, because as much as I like the pick-guard, I think if I got it I would like to see what it would look like without, just that beautiful flame. Again, I thank you for what you do!

    Best regards and wishes,

    • Hi Jayce,
      Thanks for your kind words. This particular pickguard is indeed fastened with an adhesive, so it is removable – at least while it is reasonably new. But with that said, we don’t have a final solution for the production guitars yet. We are striving for a removable pickguard, but keep monitoring Facebook etc for announcements of the release of the production model and check again.


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