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Italian Luthiers and Tailpieces

Lately, I have been working with two Italian luthiers: Michele Benincaso and Paolo Scorpioni. What is interesting is that they both wanted custom tailpieces for Tune-O-Matic bridges. Michele wanted a replacement that would fit into his current build and Paolo wanted a solution to enable him to make a 7-string headless guitar.

Michele with his build when we first met. It is a truly beautiful instrument he is building. It will be composed of (almost) all Swedish parts, including pickups from Lundgren.

Here is the string anchor that I developed for Michele. The plan is that this will double as a string anchor for the double-ball end string solution that I am working on.

String anchors fitted. The effect is quite dramatic compared to what a standard tailpiece would have done.

Now, Paolo’s needs were entirely different. I have gotten my hands on a couple of discarded Les Paul Jr type guitars that I intend to convert into headless solutions like the Castaway Strat project. Here is a sneak peek:

I have simply enlarged the holes in the existing tailpiece and inserted my tuners. Stay tuned for more info in the up-coming LPJR conversion project.

Meet me and Michele at the FUZZ guitar show in Gothenburg the coming weekend, April 18-19. He is exhibiting the guitar above and a few basses (his specialty). I will have some bridges and maybe my converted strat with me.


  1. Hello, My name is Sean and was wondering if possible if you would have any of the Les Paul conversion bridge for a headless style you did. I Like the Design of the one you presented and would be great if you have one available or even maybe the tuning keys for the bridge would be helpful as well. My les Paul head fractured and fell off..but is a clean break and would like to salvage and make unique by turning it into a headless les Paul. Thank you so much for your time and hope to hear from you. Have a wonderful day. please feel free to contact me at seanbeebe50501@gmail.com Thank you.

    • Hi Sean,
      thanks for your message. Unfortunately, we are not able to take on this kind of project at the moment. If you can find someone who has the capacity, you could buy a set of bridges and use the parts to do this conversion.



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