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Basses Loaded

The long awaited bass tuners are finished! As soon as a critical mass of orders has been achieved, a production run will be done. Introductory price will be 550 SEK/string (+VAT if applicable) including string lock. Standard finish will be the same satin black as the guitar tuners. Custom color options include chrome (pictured below), gold plating, and colored anodization (blue, red, yellow, brown, purple, and other colors available) at an additional cost. E-mail your orders and I will send a PayPal invoice requesting a deposit at 50% of the order cost to secure your order. Delivery date depends on how quickly the orders come in, but should be expected at least the first half of 2012.


  1. =) Very nice.

  2. a wonderful design.
    looks like those are casted instead of being milled like the guitar-tuners?
    the big drawback is the price og about EUR 60.- per piece. if I´d decide to go for them on my 10 stringer I´ll have to pay EUR 600.- which is insane, sadly…

  3. These bridges are also milled just like the guitar tuners. They might give a different impression due to the chrome finish. They are still not in production, so pricing is not finalized, but it will come down to volume (I.e. demand)

  4. Are the string locks similar to the guitar string locks?
    or is diferent to basses?

  5. The string locks are similar but larger, to look proportional and to accommodate larger diameter strings.


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