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The Great Procrastinator

I have so many ideas, I am having a hard time choosing which route to go. Most ideas revolve around neck construction. I have received carbon tube samples that would allow for a very stiff and light neck, but haven’t had time to put them to the test yet. I have also talked to a carbon fiber expert and am confident I could pull creating a mould for vacuum bagging a carbon fiber neck off. But I would have to find reasonable amounts of materials at a reasonable cost first.

I have handed my bridge pieces over to a local shop that will help me with the oval holes in the tuners, for consistency. My router simply isn’t good enough to get any precision over a series of 15. I have also been in touch with a finishing company who can do pretty cool things with aluminum. More about this later – I am waiting for some samples to arrive.

Lastly, I am making slow progress nonetheless.

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Above is an acrylic router template for the body shape. I should have some swamp ash lying around my day-job’s US subsidiary by now… Just have to wait for someone with some space in their suitcase to make the trip over.

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Secondly, I couldn’t keep myself from ordering some Dugain picks as a follow up to previous post. It would be kind of neat to ship each guitar with one.