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Posts made in January, 2012


Posted by on Jan 30, 2012 in Articles & Tutorials

Here’s the deal: Misha LOVES everything about #15, except the way that the bass strings respond on the bridge pickup. He really needs a very particular, tight, sound from it. So, meet #23. I am moving Misha’s hardware and neck onto this build, along with slanted custom Bare Knuckle Aftermaths. I picked #15 up in Stockholm and plan to ship #23 to coincide with Misha’s Wembley gig in London. This means that #15 will be for sale, with a new neck. You will have a choice of neck materials and shape – scale length will be 25.75″-24.75″. Pickups are Lundgren M7s, master volume, 3-position pickup selector. Individuals already on the wait list will have priority, and will have to give up their position on the wait list when completing the purchase. Exact pricing will depend on neck options – contact me with your preferences and forgive me if it takes a few days to...

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Stand Out

Posted by on Jan 14, 2012 in Articles & Tutorials, Non Lutherie, Product Images

Here are a few pictures of the final guitar stand. There was no good-looking plywood to be had in town, so I had to settle for this material which is called “OSB” or Oriented Strand Board. It’s cheap, durable, and I would imagine is kind of ecologically sound since it’s made from waste wood. Having said that, it might well contain awful glue compounds or have been shipped from across the globe… The weight turned out to be 490 grams (a little over 1 lb) which is well below most, and they are easy to pack. I did make a few spare ones for the .strandberg* owners that I will meet at NAMM. Future orders will also have the option of including a stand and those of you that own a .strandberg* but don’t have a stand can purchase...

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Piezo Installation

Posted by on Jan 14, 2012 in Articles & Tutorials, Electronics, Product Images

#13 is the second build that includes a piezo loaded bridge. #9 was the first, but the time from completion to delivery was so short that I had little time to play around with them. This time, I have tried them through a couple of different amps and am very impressed. Here are a few pictures of the work that goes into installing them – it is fairly manual labor since having custom saddles manufactured becomes reasonably priced only when the quantity is very high. I start with GraphTech piezo equipped saddles for Wilkinson tremolos and saw off just the front portion. I then put them up in the milling machine and mill them down to the correct thickness. The next step is to shape them roughly. I usually do this on a Dremel with a disc grinder. I make sure the fit into the custom bridge/tuner housings. These have been modified from the original by having a slot where the saddle would normally sit, and a hole for the wire to go through. Next, after some final finishing work, is installing them into the guitar. I now rout a gradually deeper channel under the bridges themselves. Each cable is hidden under the next bridge, ensuring there is some...

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NAMM 2012 – Hall E, booth #1219

Posted by on Jan 13, 2012 in Articles & Tutorials

Less than a week to go until NAMM 2012 starts. Make sure to stop by booth #1219, situated in Hall E, to check out 7-string #22 with the new patent pending EndurNeck(tm) profile, as well as the piezo-equipped, IPNP(tm) (licensed from Rick Toone) fitted 8-string #13. Strandberg Guitarworks is sharing a booth with Toone & Townsend, the brainchild of luthier Rick Toone and Townsend Machine. You will see the state of the art when it comes to headless hardware and contemporary guitar...

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Patent Pending – The EndurNeck

Posted by on Jan 9, 2012 in Articles & Tutorials

I am proud to present the first result of a collaboration with Al Mu’min of the HAARP Machine, and the subject of my first ever patent application, the EndurNeck! The EndurNeck allows you to play longer, faster and better by providing not only better support for the muscles and tendons of your fingers, palm, and forearm, but also acts as a guide that helps you straighten your wrist when playing the lower frets. Drawing on concepts like Jerome Little’s Torzal Natural Twist and Rick Toone’s Trapezoid Neck Profile, the EndurNeck is a brand new innovation that requires no special  tools or techniques to manufacture or maintain. The key is a cross section that forms an asymmetric trapezoid, leaning towards your thumb at the headstock end and one that leans towards your palm at the body end. This means two things: 1) when playing in a classical pinch grip, the surface that supports your palm moves gradually closer to the bottom of the neck, meaning that it is easier to reach around the neck with your fingers and 2) when pressing your thumb against the upper surface of the profile, its gradually sharper angle near the headstock helps straighten your wrist and the gradually more shallow angle near the body again...

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Basses Loaded

Posted by on Jan 8, 2012 in Articles & Tutorials

The long awaited bass tuners are finished! As soon as a critical mass of orders has been achieved, a production run will be done. Introductory price will be 550 SEK/string (+VAT if applicable) including string lock. Standard finish will be the same satin black as the guitar tuners. Custom color options include chrome (pictured below), gold plating, and colored anodization (blue, red, yellow, brown, purple, and other colors available) at an additional cost. E-mail your orders and I will send a PayPal invoice requesting a deposit at 50% of the order cost to secure your order. Delivery date depends on how quickly the orders come in, but should be expected at least the first half of...

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