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2012 in the rear view

Posted by on Jan 1, 2013 in Articles & Tutorials

2012 was the year when .strandberg*(tm) guitars really became a force to be reckoned with. With serial production of select models now coming up to speed, and more and more players getting their hands on one, the excellent reputation and momentum keeps growing. Here is a look back at 2012: The year started with the finalization of the bass tuner. The first set of tuners were brought to NAMM and delivered to Alex Watson of Watson Guitars for a trial installation. The next development to be brought to and featured at NAMM was the patent pending EndurNeck(tm): Later on in the summer, we received a preliminary result of the review of the patent, with a favorable outcome! To meet the formal criteria for approval, it needed to be translated into Swedish, so we are now expecting to hear back soon regarding the final review. The NAMM Show 2012 itself was amazing – the photos are on Facebook. So many amazing people and players came by the booth, like Allan Holdsworth, Fredrik Thordendahl, Tosin Abasi, Evan Brewer and Ned Steinberger. It was also in a breakfast meeting at NAMM with Strictly 7 Guitars that the first discussions about serial production started. Only a couple of days after returning from NAMM...

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