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Customer Projects

Images and testimonials from customers

Bending Burl

Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Articles & Tutorials, Customer Projects, Instructions and FAQs

Here’s what’s cooking right now (redwood burl top for #33): Burl and spalted wood is very brittle and full of imperfections. Normally, I cut grooves into my tops along with the bend, then steam the top simply over boiling water for 15 minutes, before clamping into shape and let cool and dry. But initial trials with scrap wood of spalted walnut snapped and broke, whatever I tried. I studied the tips I could locate and ended up soaking the wood in water overnight as in the image above. I did not cut any grooves into the wood since this would weaken the wood further. A nervous wait ensued. I then steamed the pre-soaked top (which was literally soaked all the way through) as usual and it turned out that the top became very easy to bend. I clamped it, and heard no snap! Mission accomplished! But even after two full days of drying, it is still very wet. The shape seems pretty stable though, so now it is simply drying out, taped to another body. Tomorrow, we’ll see how the burl...

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New Builds

Posted by on Mar 20, 2011 in Articles & Tutorials, Customer Projects, Customers

In addition to previously advertised builds, here are a few more: #13 – Danny Thrasher: EGS Pro 8-string baritone hybrid of custom design, zebrawood/carbon fiber neck through body construction, trapezoidal neck profile, swamp ash wings with highly figured walnut top, f-hole, ebony fingerboard, stainless frets, piezo transducers in bridge, Q-tuner neck pickup, Lace ToneBar or BareKnuckle bridge #14 – Kohei Murakami: 6-string bolt-on, swamp ash/mahogany body, quilted maple top, birdseye maple neck, rosewood fingerboard,  stainless frets, Lace Alumitone S-S-H pickups #15 – Misha Mansoor: 7-string bolt-on, 25.75-25″ scale, black limba body, figured walnut top, maple neck, birdseye maple fingerboard, stainless frets, Lundgren M7...

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DiDonato Guitars

Posted by on Dec 27, 2010 in Customer Projects

Here is an update from my friend Enrico DiDonato of Italy, who has been busy launching his own brand of guitars! Design elements include .strandberg* tuning systems, custom pickups, aluminium skeleton and carefully selected woods. For more information, check out his site...

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Benjamin Millar

Posted by on Dec 27, 2010 in Customer Projects

Here are some images of a recently completed project by Benjamin Millar from Israel. I particularly like the solution for tuner access, illustrating how you don’t have to limit your body shape of a headless instrument. Some data about the build: Sapele / figured Maple body. Sapele neck. Ebony fretboard, electronics cavity cover, recessed scratch-plate and knobs. Strandberg headless system: bridge and string locks. Gold MOP face and side dots. Bone nut. Schaller strap locks. BKP custom made alnico III humbuckers. Volume / Tone / 3 way pickup selector / Series-split-parallel mini switch for each pickup. Double action truss...

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More Thunder From Down Under

Posted by on Dec 20, 2010 in Customer Projects

Mark Davis of Melbourne, Australia, has completed another stunning build using EGS hardware. Congratulations! It features a 25″ scale with 24 SS Frets, on a 16″ radius Wenge through neck bound with flame maple. Body has Afromosia wings, and Silver Ash contrasting strips. Pickups are EMG 81 & 85. Check out the full build details...

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Customer Report – Gareth Parry

Posted by on Oct 24, 2010 in Articles & Tutorials, Customer Projects

Here’s a short report from Gareth’s first build using EGS hardware – a Klein-ish guitar that sounds a looks very nice! Gareth says: “Report on the bridge: The guitar is incredibly stable. NO tuning issues at all. I say this after heavily gigging it over the last 4 months (60+shows in all styles). I’ve strung it with 10’s, 11’s flatwound 12’s and now roundwound 12’s (plain third) with no issue. On my guitar i had to attach the bridge upside down, so the Strandberg logo is on the top E rather than the low E, reason being the mounting saddles wouldn’t fit the correct way round (do your research before you build!!!!!!!!) I was worried it would not work as well, but it has been magnificent.” Here’s a clip of one of Gareth’s bands, Aria Astrobeat Arkestra: The second build, an original ergonomic shape, is on its way. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing...

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