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Posts made in May, 2008

Sound Advice

Posted by on May 7, 2008 in Articles & Tutorials, Sound Samples

I am thrilled to have some comparative sound samples of the Floyd-Rose(tm) drop-in replacement tremolo. First off: I put it on a guitar that is not the greatest instrument the world has seen, but the objective of the exercise was to note the differences in sound after replacing the tremolo unit. Secondly: the recordings were made through a Line6 TonePort(tm) using Cubase 4 software that was graciously provided by 4Sound Uppsala. The guitarist’s name is Peter Hansson – thanks Peter! So, what were the results? Actually, the difference was more noticeable than what I would have guessed. It is not more than the difference from listening through your speakers and mine, the difference between an EMG and a Seymor Duncan pickup, or even a difference that could be compensated for by equalization. But the tone of the Floyd-Rose had more lows and highs and the “Strandberger” (had to name it that…) had a more pronounced mid range. But, I’m digressing. Here are the sound samples: .neckSingle Coil Clean, Floyd-Rose* .neckSingle Coil Clean, Strandberger* .bridgeHumbucker Crunch, Floyd-Rose* .bridgeHumbucker Crunch, Strandberger* .neckSingle Coil Chorus, Floyd-Rose* .neckSingle Coil Chorus, Strandberger* Acoustically, Peter found that the sound was more pleasing with the Strandberger tremolo compared to the Floyd-Rose! Being that many think that Floyds...

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