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Posts made in September, 2013

Parsons Collaboration

Posted by on Sep 6, 2013 in Articles & Tutorials, Instructions and FAQs, Non Lutherie

Months ago, I had an e-mail from a gentleman called Ed Keller, with some general questions about some of my work. We exchanged a few messages and pretty much brought the thread of discussions to an end. But his e-mail signature had caught my eye: “PARSONS THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN”. And “Director | CENTER FOR TRANSFORMATIVE MEDIA”. I associated to Project Runway, which is one of my favorite TV Shows. I’m sure the show doesn’t have much to do with the school itself, but instead of ending the e-mail thread, I opened up for a new one with “I’m intrigued by your day job! We should brainstorm about some cool collaboration.” Here we are, roughly 6 months later, in the final preparation stages of a lecture at the school and a workshop collaboration for the spring! More details will be provided later, but I can promise that there are some very interesting things in store. The September 30 lecture is planned to be open to the public and held in the evening (exact arrangements TBA) so start planning to attend if you can. For more details, see the Parsons website at...

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