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Posts made in October, 2008

New Downloads

Posted by on Oct 26, 2008 in Articles & Tutorials

Check out the downloads section for an updated bridge drawing and and installation guide for the EGS fixed bridge. Feel free to share any comments with me about the usability of the installation guide. I have attempted to make it self-explanatory without...

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Posted by on Oct 20, 2008 in Articles & Tutorials, Product Images

I am happy to announce that I now have a small launch stock of the EGS (Ergonomic Guitar System) Fixed Bridge! I received quite a few positive comments at the guitar festival exhibition, which was fun to attend. Prior to the show, I had spent Wednesday until almost midnight at the shop that made the parts, to leave for the finishing shop 6 am on Thursday. The pieces were done on Friday at 9 am and I watched them being packed before going back home to assemble them around 10 am and then on to the show that started at 11… The booth. I had created a self-running presentation of ergonomic guitar design that was on display along with the mock-up bridge display that I had completed only hours before the show. The mock-up showing the logo base mounting plate and the regular mounting plate. Yes, they are nylon strings, that I put in there only to save the mock-up from being broken by possibly rough handling. The string lock. This might require some explaining. the picture shows it mounted in three alternative positions. It can be mounted (from top to bottom) on top of a head, along the side of a head construction or inside holes, e.g. the existing...

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Uppsala International Guitar Festival

Posted by on Oct 11, 2008 in Articles & Tutorials

Come see me and my work live at Uppsala V International Guitar Festival next week! I will be showing the first production tremolo and tuner units, straight out of the workshop, as well as my working prototype. 4Sound in Uppsala have invited me to share their booth in the exhibition hall. The guitar festival itself is an amazing event that takes place for the fifth year in a row. It has a line-up of incredible artists like Leo Brouwer, Manuel Barrueco, Bireli Lagrene, Pierre Bensusan, and many others and offers master classes and workshops over the course of four days 16-19 October. Incredibly poor planning from myself means that I will only be able to attend on Thursday, but for the rest of you, it should be a great...

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