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Posts made in January, 2011

Tokyo Reality

Posted by on Jan 30, 2011 in Articles & Tutorials, Non Lutherie

Next week, Strandberg Guitarworks will be in Tokyo. My now good friend, and owner of #2, Shun Nokina has kindly arranged a .strandberg* showcase for Friday afternoon and evening. We already have 12 RSVPs, so a great time is expected! The video camera is coming along, so hopefully there will be some clips to...

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#8 – Tosin Abasi custom 8-string

Posted by on Jan 24, 2011 in Articles & Tutorials

Appropriately, #8 will be an 8-string, for Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders. We had been communicating for a while before NAMM, so it was a great pleasure to finally meet in person and let Tosin test #6. Preliminary specs are: 8-string bolt-on 27.5″ – 26.5″ (subject to change) mixed scale Rosewood / maple / carbon fiber neck Swamp ash chambered body with flamed maple top and f-hole Rosewood fingerboard Stainless steel frets Custom Lace Alumitone pickups Plenty more details will follow as we hash out the...

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Lucky 7

Posted by on Jan 23, 2011 in Articles & Tutorials

The lucky owner of what will be #7 is Brandon Montgomery, owner and proprietor of custom tube amp maker Bludotone. Much like a .strandberg* guitar, Bludotone tube amps are custom built to specifications to exactly match the playing style and needs of the user. Brandon has been in the business since the dawn of time and has extensive experience as a guitar tech on his CV. With an impeccable ear for pickups, other electronics and materials – something that is much appreciated by his amp buyers – he can closely match the musician, the instrument, and the amp. Draft specs at the time of writing are: 7-string EGS Pro, 26″ – 25″ mixed scale Black Limba (Korina) / maple / carbon fiber laminated neck-through body construction Black Limba (Korina) body wings Flamed Maple top Ebony fingerboard Evo Gold jumbo frets Custom Lundgren pickups 3-position pickup selector + 2 x series/split/parallel switches Also of note is that Brandon has carefully calculated the string tensions and designed a custom set of strings that along with the scale lengths will provide great balance in tone and...

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Posted by on Jan 21, 2011 in Articles & Tutorials, Prototyping

Another world first: an easy to use dual-mode locking mechanism for a top-mount tremolo. While at NAMM, Ziv Cohen, Creative Director at an internet outfit, came around to the .strandberg* booth. After seeing the two holes in the new tremolo (giving the option of mounting the tremolo arm on either side for optional left-hand use), he said that “why don’t you give an option to mount a screw there to make it non-floating?” What an awesome idea! I could easily supply an extra wood screw that you could screw into the wood just under where the hole would end up, and then mount a screw in the hole. By tightening the springs and adjusting the screw, the position of the tremolo can be adjusted, and it can be made dive-only. But on the flight back, I thought a little more. So, here for your comments, please check out the “Tremolock” option for the EGS Pro tremolos. In the unlocked position, the tremolo pivots freely, both down and up: Turn the knob a quarter of a turn to make it dive only: Turn the knob a half turn to lock it completely: The Tremolock consist of a small plate that is mounted flush in the body of the guitar, against...

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