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About Strandberg Guitarworks

Welcome to Strandberg Guitarworks!

Strandberg Guitarworks is committed to innovation. We continuously strive towards new solutions that address the needs of guitarists today. The global musician community is engaged in the design process. The process is public and documented on-line. The results are licensed under Creative Commons Share-And-Share-Alike 3.0 Licensing.

About Ola Strandberg

What is now .strandberg* Guitars dates back to a hobby project called the Ergonomic Guitar System that was hatched in 2007. While Ola’s lutherie skills date back to the mid eighties, around the time that he also played in a number of local bands, his professional career was primarily in software. Ola’s innovative ergonomic designs quickly gained momentum through Internet forums and soon led to quitting the day job, and acquiring a patent for his EndurNeck™ neck shape.

We believe that your best performances come from feeling inspired, and that this inspiration can have many sources. We are convinced that not just the sound of your guitar, or how it feels to play are important components, but also how it makes you feel.

Just like we have engineered our components from the highest performance materials and eliminated all potential losses of energy in the strings’ vibration, we break down the other barriers that can inhibit your inspiration. The now iconic headless Boden guitar design encompasses 6-, 7-, and 8-string versions that sound, play, and look amazing, for all styles of music.

Trademarks & Legal Information

Strandberg Guitarworks registered name is Strandberg Guitars AB, a limited company registered in Sweden with organization number 5568889-2862. Strandberg Guitars AB is registered for VAT and F-skatt.

.strandberg* is a registered trademark owned by Strandberg Guitars AB.

Other trademarks owned by Strandberg Guitars AB are EndurNeck, GrooveNeck, and Ergonomic Guitar System.

The neck profile that EndurNeck is patented in Sweden and in the United States of America.

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