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Finishing Thoughts

#5 and #6 are being finished at this time. They have received a few coats of oil and a round of wet-sanding with oil and are now drying before fretwork and final assembly. #5 had an accident (or two actually) with heads of screws that broke inside the wood! Only explanation is that it was a bad batch of screws. The now enlarged holes have been plugged with mahogany plugs.

#5 will have Lundgren M7 pickups and #6 will have Lace Aluma 90 pickups (which are in fact wide enough for a 7-string). Weights are 1890 grams for #5 and 2130 grams for #6 without hardware. I expect them to weigh pretty much the same after the pickups are mounted, since the conventional pickups are so much heavier.


  1. They are beautiful. Ergonomically, the smooth heels must be a great improvement compared to the earlier bolt-on versions.

  2. Hi Alex,
    yes, they are turning out very nicely. The zebrawood has an amazing depth in the finish which looks very good. On the whole, the arm bevel and belly carve work together with the heel to create a more comfortable instrument. I will call these “EGS Pro” I think.