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Strandberg Guitarworks Is Dead – Long Live Strandberg Guitars AB
To keep up with demand and the ever growing wait list, and to be able to make the kinds of commitments needed to grow the business, Strandberg Guitarworks, which was a sole proprietorship, has been incorporated into a limited company with the name Strandberg Guitars AB.

Strandberg Guitarworks was chosen as one of eight companies to take part in a business incubator program at Uppsala Innovation Center during the spring of 2012. While taking part in this program has taken considerable time away from actually building guitars, it has put the business in a place where it has a well supported plan to grow and to continue delivering fantastic guitars. Obviously, this is a very exciting development and you will have a lot to look forward to!

This website will continue to exist and be updated with new designs, ideas, pictures and drawings – still under Creative Commons licensing, and remain the location for hardware sales. The strandbergguitars.com website will remain as-is – dedicated to the guitar part of the business.

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  1. Congrats Ola! That’s fantastic news and I’m sure there was quite a lot of effort involved…