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Hardware and License Sales Suspended

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I have chosen to suspend the sales of hardware and EndurNeck™ licenses as of today 27 September 2015. This is NOT for protectionistic reasons, or even because of abuse, but simply because I am in a phase of building the company that I need to prioritize everything that I do.

Strandberg Guitars was founded on a platform of openness and sharing, which hasn’t changed one bit. But, I will any day rather do a few things well than many things poorly, and I simply don’t have the time to support those of you that have questions about the hardware or licenses at the moment, or even to pack things up for shipping. Once a few more milestones have been cleared, and I have the staff and process to manage these things in a good way, sales will open up again.

I would ask for your kind understanding, and also ask that you don’t e-mail and ask when they will be available again, as responding to those kinds of questions is the exact reason we have suspended the sales.

If you have already purchased an EndurNeck™ license and/or information kit, I would kindly ask that you refrain from using it to build more necks until the sales resume, or share the information kit with others. Each neck should be marked with the serial number label you receive with the license, and we are not able to send out labels at this time.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!


  1. Best of luck with everything Ola, I hope you know the majority of the people who build guitars (at least the ones I know) support you and everything you do/make.

    You’re a great guy with your heart in the right place brother, please let us know if there’s anything we can do (in our shop) to help you out. We come from the open-source software world so we’re always willing to contribute our efforts to push things forward.

    I started out as a software developer and am slowly trying to make my way to full time guitar builder, but you’ve always been and were the person who inspired me to do so.

    You’re breaking the mold trying to open-source this closed and very defensive industry. You’re an example for all of us coming up after you, keep doing your thing! And if there’s ever anything we can contribute to help you please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    • Thanks for you kind words, Travis. They are much appreciated.

  2. Ola, i understand. but what about if i have purchased an endurneck licence and have not received the code. does that mean i won’t actually receive one?

    • We do still aim to send out the serial number labels to everyone that has ordered a license.